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VR haptics for,
Any Formfactor.
Any Design.

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Unlimited Formfactors, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with realhaptics haptics engine.

Haptic dev. kit that fits your size.

Ready to for your devleopment. Any Size, any contents.

Haptic that is auto-generated for you.

realhaptics APIs for game engines automatically convert virtual interactions to haptics.

Haptic that interacts.

realhaptics Gear VR APIs support light-based
interactive motion sensing.


We have diverse hardware / software
IP portfolio available for licensing.

Let's discover possibilities.

realhaptics haptics engine provides wide compatibility throughout various haptics formfactors for VR, such as gloves, vests and more.

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with LOTTE WORLD VR Lab, 2017 Q2

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